Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wagner Family Snapshot

I’d love to have gotten a family picture, but somehow I have a hard time convincing all 3 children to smile and stand in the same vicinity looking in the same direction at the same time.  You understand.

Speaking of our children, Christmas is kindof nuts for families, isn’t it?  I’ve always loved this time of year, and it’s a good thing, because the stress level does not seem to wane.  But despite all the lists and running around, Christmas demands that we stop and think for at least a few moments.  Whether it’s family laughter, or a Christmas Eve service hymn – I pray that you have at least one Christmas moment this year that forces you to step back and thank God.  This year I’ve spent a lot of time already, reflecting on how great God’s gifts are and how thankful I am for a faithful, loving God to whom we can turn when life here on earth gets really, really hard.    

Our first year in our house has come and gone.  There was rarely a day that would pass that I didn't get a little giddy about my new house.  It’s really something I never even dreamed of; giving proof once again to how much better God’s plan is than mine.  Here’s a little update about the family that lives in that house.

Edwin is hilarious these days.  Really finding his voice, being a hilarious 2 year-old who loves to laugh and wrestle.  He also loves to play ball, ball, ball. 

I asked Clare – what would you tell someone if they wanted to know about your brother?  She said, “Watch out for my brother, because sometimes he hugs too tall tight!” 

“What does too-tall-tight mean, Clare?”

“It means he comes up to you and starts hugging your neck tighter and tighter until you can’t breathe!”

Ah, yes, that is true.

Speaking of Clare – she has a hilarious way of explaining things all the time.  Or exaggerating.  Or being D-R-A-M-A-T-I-C.  I have got my work cut out for me with this one.    Too smart for her own good, she’s figured out just the right time to bat those big eyes and say something nice.  5 years-old, in kindergarten, and with a perspective like no one else, we treasure her wisdom.

Soph is in 3rd grade and has really started to blossom as a student.  She appreciates a job well done and is a great question-asker.  She loves math but has actually done exceptionally well in English this year!  Crafting is definitely her thing, so she’s trying her hand at a variety of projects to see what she enjoys.  She has officially become a 4-Her, so we are looking forward to working on all the projects she has signed up for.  Like her mother, she is a planner.  Hopefully like her dad, she will be a do-er.  :)

This fall after the girls headed off to school, I started working part-time for my dad.  I like to think of my title as “Personal Assistant to Hofbauer Farms,” but Dad says it’s closer to “lackey.”  Either way, I’m enjoying it!  Yes, it’s manual labor: digging holes, stringing wire, slopping thru manure.  But it’s almost like a little escape from my regular job as mom and family manager.  I’m not making big decisions and I get to spend time outside.  (Needless to say, I’ve invested in some long underwear. ;)  I’m still selling Pampered Chef and being a mom and I’d really like to find more time to write.  Unfortunately I think that means less sleep.   

Business is good for Brad and Wagner Quality Construction, Inc.  They can barely keep up with the calls coming in!  What a blessing this enterprise has been for Brad and our family.  He still finds time to work on his demo car, the house, and play with the kids.  Not sure who was more excited about getting the basketball hoop put up this fall – Brad or the kids. :)

As the year’s end is rapidly upon us, we pray that your New Year is blessed with the Comfort of Family and Friends, the Joy of Life, and the Peace of Christ.


The Wagner Family
Brad, Angela, Sophia, Clare, and Edwin

The shot right before Eddie runs off...

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  1. What a pleasure it has been getting to know you and your family. Always nice to see you. I hope this year is as blessed as the last for your family. Great picture tara miller


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