Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Confusion: My Baby Is Riding a Bicycle

Look at this picture of my little boy riding a bicycle for the first time!

Super cute, right?  Of course.  

But that is not what I thought when I saw them come around the corner of the house with Eddie riding a bicycle for the first time.  I thought, “What?!  No!  He’s too little to be able to do that!”

I’ve rolled my eyes a few times at moms and their “I don’t want my baby to grow up” speeches.  But now here I am facing the music.  When I saw him on that bicycle (he isn’t even 3 until next month!), I felt like something had seriously changed. 

Yesterday when I realized his birthday is about one month away, I also realized that the pacifier HAS to go.  (No lectures on this, please.  I know.)  He only has it for sleeping.. and being super crabby. But anyway, it is time.  It’s past time!  Why don’t I just do it!?  I remember being pleasantly surprised when we took Sophie’s.  It wasn’t as difficult as I had feared.  

I did a Google search for suggestions on making this transition easier.  Oh, right, the thing about poking a hole in the end of it or cutting the tip off.  Yes.  That would be easy.  I could do that. 

Wait.  And lose my baby for good?


Oh, the ache!! I don’t even really understand it!  I’m excited about being out of the baby stage!  I don’t want any more little ones!  I am ready to move on!  I am on that train and it is pulling out of the station!  So what is the deal?

It’s just there.  It just is.  My baby boy is not such a baby anymore.  Potty trained, telling us knock-knock jokes, thanking me for “being my friend today, Mommy...”  He is learning so much and before I know it, he will be taking off to school or something crazy.  Ugh. 

What silly tricks our Mama-Brains play on us.  From feeling overwhelmed and locking myself in the bathroom trying to escape the neediness... to tears of loss when my baby rides his bicycle with his two strong legs and own ambition.  No wonder motherhood is so exhausting.  

I guess I’ll probably snip the paci tomorrow.  Or maybe Tuesday would be better.  By the end of the week, I promise.  Just give me a few more hours of little boy cuddling before he runs off to be a big kid.  

My baby is growing up fast.    

What was the milestone for your baby getting too big for you?  And how did you survive?!  
Advice welcome!


  1. The potty training thing definitely got me too!

  2. It hadn't really dawned on me until recently that my baby is growing up too. I think it is all of the talking he is doing that has made me realize. I am ready to be past the baby days too but I will take all the 2 year old snuggles I can get for now!

  3. These stages are always hard to go through... One day you wake up and poof they look so big. I think about that with my oldest and how many things I should have done differently... Can't go back now so I think it is great your thoughts of letting him be little and snuggle... Enjoy every moment (good or bad).


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