Sunday, August 4, 2013

House Pictures - Now with Siding!

I've been waiting to post pictures until the siding is done. But I feel like sharing a little early.  This has been Brad's project this summer when he isn't at work.  He has done a beautiful job and the back of the house is actually even a little further now then when I took these.  It's going to be so beautiful when complete.  Having pictures to share now will make future pictures more fun anyway.  :)

The siding is a muted green color.

(Above) This is the east side of the house - the one that faces the fields and not the road.  People driving by don't get to see it, but this is what I see when I pull in and get out of my van.  Makes me smile pretty much every time.

(Above) This is the public face of the house.  Faces north - you can see it as you drive up.  The gables will get a split shake shingle in a dark brown.  Added little detail we are excited about.  The porch has a future as well, but serves it's purpose quite well right now.  In fact, it's totally fine with me that you can only access it from the house.  Makes it tough for animals and strangers to be up there.  :)

(Above) This is the west side and faces the road.  The picture makes it look dark.  Looking forward to some creative landscaping around those basement windows.

(Above) This is the south side and the most complicated as far as siding goes.  The little angles on each side of the chimney had to be roofed, and Brad had to build a little roof thing over there on the right (above that door), just to even things out and make it look right.  Plus there are just a lot of tiny little pieces of siding to cut.  That skinny roof over there doesn't actually serve much of a purpose other than aesthetically.  The house plans had a screened in porch coming out of that door, so eventually we will add that.  Looking forward to the chimney being trimmed out.  I think it will look really cool with the finishing touches.  

Oh, yeah, and check out that grass!!  Very fun to have grass over most of our yard now.  Still pretty bumpy, but one thing at a time. :)

Ever had a house remodeling project go on FOREVER?  Yeah, we can relate to that.  Building, remodeling, whatever.  Pretty sure on almost everyone's house, there is always something that needs to be done.  

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