Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The House My Husband Built

It's long overdue that I post a picture of the house!

There were a few pieces of siding missing for a while and I couldn't bring myself to post a picture of it with those missing parts. There is still landscaping to do and the porch to finish, but these are all details that do not get in the way of our daily lives.  As everyone who owns a house knows, there is always something that needs done.  This house is no exception and will provide us with projects for years to come.  But we are loving it and everyday when I wake up I am amazed that it is ours!

For the record, builder-husband did have help from his family and friends.  But he spent many a long day and night hammering away, planning, measuring, and finishing - often alone, sometimes with a helper... The weight of the project on his shoulders.  His attention to quality and detail is all over this thing and a testament to his talent and perseverance!


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