Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Why I Love Our Friendship Baggage

photo credit: Dani_vr via photopin cc 

Dear friend I've had forever, 

We've been through so much together, it's kindof a miracle we remain a thing. I'm amazed at US and how well we understand each other and how much we continue to offer one another, endlessly.  

I noticed the other day during a text conversation we were having - our history is packaged into almost every meaningful phrase or moment we share

I needed advice and encouragement, so you said, "I know you can survive those politics," and we both know you are right because we've been through it before.

When you say, "let God be in charge of that," 
we both know we've learned that lesson the hard way.  

And when we say, "We have to get together soon," 
we know it doesn't matter how soon - nothing will have changed in the way we can connect and support each other. We've been through too much for it to be any other way. 

So thankful for the baggage of friendship we carry. That load has changed me, but only for the better. 

Love you, 


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