Saturday, January 8, 2011

About Us in 2010

I guess I am having a hard time letting go of 2010 – it seems I keep finding myself writing about it! (You know, really it’s only been 2011 for like 7 days. Why does it seem like 2010 was so long ago?) It’s all sort of surreal, because sometime around July, I started really looking forward to that year being over. One of my big concerns was my marriage and just exactly what all this house stuff would do to it. I remember specifically thinking, ‘what are we going to be like by the end of this year?!’

I can say pretty confidently that we are ok. Brad’s job is super stressful right now – he is working on houses for my parents, his parents, other clients, and us. Yikes. Could it be worse? Well, probably. I s’pose he could have NO work – that would be way worse. Ok, so it could be way more horrible than it is right now. But you can see that this is still a little over the top for the poor guy.

But as far as US goes, we have made it thru some hard conversations and finally found ourselves ‘on the same page,’ as I like to say. Mr. Communication and I (J) had a hard time finding common ground in 2010 when it came to the house building process. But I think we are both seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now and we are both cautiously optimistic. Optimism and thankfulness can sometimes drive me to make lists. So here is a list of great things in 2010 that happened while I was waiting impatiently for my fresh start in 2011.

1. I finished being pregnant! J Hehe, just kidding. No, but my year started off pregnant and before long I was sick and tired of it! That sounds good and thankful, doesn’t it?! No, seriously, Edwin David joined us in September and his arrival has to be our number 1 great thing from 2010. He is truly an amazing gift from God, a fabulous baby, and the perfect addition to our family!! SO blessed! I can’t even begin, really, to talk about how thankful I am for him.

2. I realized, in 2010, that I need to stick to the writing thing. It’s nice to have a focus and I feel that mine is starting to solidify. Being a full-time Mom is my main job right now, but someday my kids are going to grow up. What will I be then? Life will change drastically. I don’t want to be left feeling empty and abandoned.

3. However, I’ve embraced Mom and Home Manager as my jobs in a way that I never had before. And I love it and it has brought me more fulfillment than I could ever imagine. I hope that my own experiences can be used by God to minister to other moms too.

4. My girls definitely grew closer in 2010 as Clare has grown up a lot and Sophie might be resisting growing up just a little. J Fine with me. They are both incredible and their own interests are being pursued which is very fun to watch. Sophia’s self-concept as an artist really developed into a real thing for her, I think. And Clare’s TV addiction took on a whole Yikes.

5. My husband lived thru building a beautiful house for my parents. It isn’t finished yet, but will be in the first half of 2011. This is a significant accomplishment. Everyone is still speaking to each other. J

6. My first nephew was born in June! My brother Bradley’s little boy Isaac joined our extended family and we are smitten! I decided to drop everything and fly up there shortly after he was born and I’m so glad I did. That was definitely a highlight.

7. We paid off the van! I continue to work at doing a better job with our money. I’m not good at it. It’s hard. But I feel like we’re making progress and I’m amazed that we continue to survive with only one income!!

Ok, that’s enough. I’m sure there were lots of wonderful things that happened in 2010, but seriously I was nauseous for like 5 months of it. I know for sure I grew to love and appreciate my friends more, and my church too. But this list is starting to sound generic and none of us need that.

Can I overcome my oldest-child-syndrome and have a list that doesn’t go to 10? Especially for the year 2010? It would be ideal, wouldn’t it? But you know my New Year’s Resolution is to take more risks. So I’m going to stop right there. (Deep breath.) Ok. Moving ahead to 2011…risks and all.

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