Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday's Mom Moment

Christmas Gifts My Kids Got that Seem to Make the World A Better Place

(aka, Money Well Spent):

1. We finally got the girls some decent banks. So yesterday when I walked into Sophie’s room, I could see exactly where her birthday money was and that it was safe and contained. Nice feeling.

2. Have you played with Legos lately? They are amazing and my girls LOVE them. Sophie asked for them and I’m glad we were paying attention.

3. Sophie’s new coat was only $12.99 from Old Navy. It’s cute and fashionable and makes people smile.

4. Monster Hat from Mimi. Young and old are amused.

5. Strawberry Shortcake for Clare. My friends and cousins my age are immediately taken back to their own childhoods. Yes, she smells good.

6. Sophie saw a horse in Big R that you paint yourself. It was like $12. Santa brought it and she was thrilled. She did the first coat the other day and pretended that she was creating things for a museum. So continues her idea to be an artist for a museum when she grows up.

7. Books. Maybe not the immediate reaction you’re looking for, but the first thing they go dig out when it’s time for bed.

8. Warm fuzzy socks.

9. Chew toy for Edwin. (What else can I call it? J) He was all over that thing. Too bad he dropped it in the sawdust at the other house…

10. CD of music that cousin Amanda made for Sophie in the Wagner Extended Family Gift Exchange. The titles of the songs were written into a story she wrote about Sophie. Very cool and now we have one more CD in the van that the kids AND mom want to listen to!

What did your kids get that you are pleased with? It might be helpful for the rest of us when we’re looking for ideas next year… J


  1. We got a family ping pong table - loads of fun! The kids got practical things - Ryan and Annika sleeping bags, Dane a big teddy bear (he had been asking for one) and Christian a new back-pack - which he was asking for. My parents got them Rock Band for Wii (which they love) and then we went on our trip to Disney. It was the perfect Christmas! Not a ton of junk just sitting around... We are considering doing a trip each year (or maybe every other year) instead of a bunch of THINGS... It worked out really well for us!

  2. We got Anna a Guitar (along with many other things) she LOVES that thing it cost an entire $10. If I would have known that's all it took, I would have saved ALOT of money :) She also got the story book that someone records the story from Halmark. She got "The Very First Christmas" From my mom who enjoyed recording the story. Every night now we have to listen to her story and at the very end my mom says "Merry Christmas Anna" she has not learned that it's coming up and will say it before the book actually says it :) SUPER cute!

  3. Sweet. My kids got the recorded "Night Before Christmas" last year from my brother and his wife. Very good gift, esp for the young. Christine - my mom recalls that one of her favorite Christmases was when her family (of 11) went to Chicago for a Christmas trip in lieu of gifts. Trips are a very cool idea.


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