Friday, December 31, 2010

Building a House

For a while now I have wanted to compile the important House posts in one spot. I figured this would be good for people new to my blog who might be interested in knowing about our journey of building a house. But it turns out, it's a good idea for me - so I can see what our journey looks like. Very appropriate for New Year's Eve, too. A little jog down memory lane, so to speak. And a reminder of what kind of a ride we've been on...

House Plans 101

Sometime after this, we came to expect a new baby. Pregnancy + a new baby = fewer house updates and fewer pictures. There were some blogs about me having a hard time adjusting to the fact that progress on the house wasn't exactly what I'd had in mind...

In September '10, Edwin was born.. and the house continued to come right along...

Clearly we need a new update. Brad continues to work out there and is making progress on the electrical. My new mantra: 2011 is our year!! :)

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