Friday, July 29, 2011

Family Update

I can’t believe it’s been the end of May since I last posted on here. Actually, the end of May I was swamped, so I’m kindof impressed I squeezed that in. ;)

Life is good this summer. Busy, as summers are, but really good. Edwin is growing like a weed and is amazing, as babies tend to be. He has finally gotten a tooth and is working on the others. He is into everything and has turned into a bit of a mama’s boy. The first 10 months he was super easy. Now he’s a little more normal. J He adores Sophie and especially loves to play the piano with her when she is trying to practice. He is also VERY interested in the computer, to the tune of ripping out a key or two. This is one of the reasons I can’t get a blog post in. As I type he is standing at my legs yelling. J

Sophie continues to get ridiculously tall and grown-up. She is not exactly excited about school coming up, but we are trying to talk it up. Piano lessons are going well for her; she is still motivated to work on things and has not lost the novelty of it. She does get awfully frustrated; after all, she is an oldest perfectionist daughter. So we are working on that. Still loves art and math and helping dad with house. Oh, and swimming. Really loves to swim.

Clare continues to be hilarious and moody. I think she matured with some things early and now she’s regressing. I don’t know, but she’s a handful. Right now she’s pouting in her room. But she could come out at any moment and tell me she’s sorry and that she loves me and can we please have a popsicle. She’s having a fun summer with cousins and is excited about school. As she should be. Preschool is awesome.

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