Friday, July 29, 2011

House Update July '11

The house is coming right along. If you’ve seen us lately, you know that that is our focus right now and we are seeing big progress. We decided while drywall was being put up (a subcontractor did it instead of Brad – yay!!), we would do a little landscaping. I love how it turned out, but we need a lot more plants and that didn’t get done before it got too hot. Oh, well – next year. But now we have paint on the walls, wood flooring waiting to be installed, and the lighting is arriving here and there. Dad is helping with electrical, Brad’s dad is helping with the septic tank (yikes), and Brad is doing what he can. I’m trying to do what I can when I can get the kids somewhere else. We are planning to be moved in well before the holiday season begins.

I am so excited about all of this finally becoming a reality! I get a little ahead of myself sometimes, and have a hard time with how long things take. You’d think I’d have figured all that out by now, but as the end approaches I am as anxious and impatient as ever! Cabinets are ordered and have arrived, I’m close to picking out carpeting, and we’re slowly packing up our house. We are officially going with stained trim, but are running into some glitches trying to find the right color. Hopefully this weekend that will be taken care of. Can’t wait till the living room ceiling has what it needs so we can take the scaffolding down! J

Here are some pictures of our progress!

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