Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why I Can't Get Ahead of the Mess

As I walk thru the disaster zone that is the living space of my house - credit due to my children and their love for things but aversion to picking up - I consider cleaning.  How would I even BEGIN to gather up all the random things that I see strewn before me?

Step 1: Find an empty laundry basket.
This basket will give me a place to put the things I walk past, so I can then easily deliver them to their homes.  (If they have homes.)  That one sock, half an easter egg, the girlie clipboard, the tiny purse, a hair extension... and that is just the tip of the iceberg in this small entryway.  Hmmm, an empty laundry basket....

Step 2: Empty this laundry basket.  
Geez, I hate putting laundry away.  Ok, this will all have to be folded and sorted first.  Can I get my children to help?  That would be nice and also of benefit to them in the long run.  However, I have to decide if I have time for the arguments that would inevitably be a part of that process.

Step 3: Dump laundry on bed. 

Step 4: Proceed with newly emptied basket into first room to begin process.  
3 minutes of picking up and the basket is full.  

Hmmmm, I’m going to need some more baskets......

Step 5: Return to Step 1

Step 6: Reconsider how committed you really are to this task.  

Step 7: Abandon process and pour yourself a drink.  Sit back and evaluate paying children to clean up after themselves.  

:) Hope you are having a joyful week! Find a reason to laugh today!

photo credit: Dean Terry via photopin cc

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